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It all started back in the eighties, when two brothers travelling the world looking for waves arrived in the UK. They landed in London and decided to get straight on a train to the sea, asking the man at the ticket office to “Take us to the nearest place there’s surf.”

The ticket guy suggested that Penzance was a good place to start, so they boarded a train bound for Cornwall and have never looked back.

Angus and Ross loved the life in Cornwall and spent their days surfing and their nights in the local pub, but they soon grew short on funds. Picking daffodils was okay, but they both felt they needed an artistic outlet and a way to make enough money to keep travelling and surfing.

They decided to put their artistic talents to work. Making a printing screen from scraps begged, borrowed and salvaged they developed a highly advanced blackout system using tape, nails and a Salvation Army rug. They started printing original, surf inspired designs on tshirts and selling them from the back of their Austin Allegro and named their new brand Saltrock, after their favourite surf break back home in South Africa.

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10 Hobb's Hill, Croyde, Braunton, EX33 1LZ
51.1303731, -4.224569200000019
01271 891177

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